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Mini Neck Portable Fan
Mini Neck Portable Fan
Mini Neck Portable Fan

Mini Neck Portable Fan

Regular price $25.00
Product color: White / Green / Pink
Product size (mm): 83 * 123 * 43
Color box size (mm): 88 * 45 * 150
Product weight (bare): 135g
Product weight (including package): 190g
Product material: ABS / electronic components
Executive standard: gb4706.1-2005
Accessory details: Fan host * 1, charging cable * 1, Chinese and English manual * 1, lanyard * 1
Product selling points: 1, multi scene use, can hang neck, can hang waist, can put desktop;
2. Large capacity battery, up to 10 hours of battery life;
3. High quality silent brushless motor
4. 3 adjustable air volume;
5. Wide angle air outlet, strong wind; 6, simple appearance, fresh color matching;
Product parameters: rated input: dc5.0v/1.0a
Working current: 0.3-1.2a
Rated power: 1.2-5w
Battery capacity: 2000 Ma
Battery service time: about 10 hours for the first gear, about 4.5 hours for the second gear, about 2.5 hours for the third gear fan, charging time: about 2 hours
Product operation instructions: fan function: press the first switch to start the first air volume, press the second switch to start the second air volume, press the third switch to start the third air volume, press the fourth switch to turn off the power. In this cycle, the display screen functions: three air volume gears display "01", "02" and "03" respectively; the remaining power shows "01-100%"; the low power shows "Lo"; the full power shows "100%"
The Mini Neck Portable Fan is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: May 22, 2024