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Refurbished Sets

What are refurbished Phones?
Refurbished Phones undergo a quality rigorous repair and restoration process with 40+ quality checkpoints to ensure it’s up to its quality standards before being sold to the public.

How does a refurbished Phone look like?
It looks very much like a new Phone because you are guaranteed to have a refurbished Phone with no Spoilt Parts.

What should I expect from a refurbished Phone?
A refurbished Phone will work EXACTLY like how a normal Phone is supposed to work. You are free to upgrade the software as you wish as all the phones being sold are GENUINE Phones.

All phones are assured to be 100% functional like a Phone is supposed to be (pretty much similar to a new Phone) There are different types of refurbished Phones in the market and you are guaranteed to have a tip top quality refurbished Phone from us.

Phone Set may vary between local and export sets but we ensure the conditions and specs are all the same.

Phone Set may vary between Single Sim or Dual Sim depending on the phone model.

Phone Box May or May Not be included depending on the phone model.

Accessories May or May Not be original but definitely brand new.

Delivery time for Refurbished Phones would usually take 4-5 working days unless stated otherwise.

Gradings :

Grade S devices are in mint or 98% flawless condition with almost brand new look.
Grade A devices are 96% flawless condition or almost unnoticeable scratch at 30cm away.
Grade B devices has some scratches on front and back of the device, maybe some very light dent.
Grade C devices comes with major scratches or dent on the front and back.

*Comes with 1 month local seller warranty unless stated otherwise*

Refurbished Grade S Phones